Arbutus - 浆果鹃属

Large evergreen shrub or small tree with twisted branches, a short trunk, rough reddish-brown bark which flakes off. Dark green leaves, shiny, from ovate to obovate and slightly toothed, pale on the under side, up to 10cm long. Small, bellshaped flowers, white or tinged with pink in curved panicles. The buds come into flower at the end of summer and last throughout autumn, much visited by bees. Fruit: small (1- 2cm in diameter), round, with granulous skin which is red when mature. The fruit ripens in two years, in autumn; consequently if they are not picked or eaten by birds it is possible to admire both the flowers and fruit on the tree at the same time. Prefers neutral and acid soil, withstands the wind, tolerates seaside climate and industrial pollution.


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