Plants cultivation is carried out in the nurseries of Pistoia, and includes a wide variety of plants, from conifers to shrubs, from perennial herbaceous to plants with customized shape, in order to satisfy every client, basing on him/her needs. We sell to national and international wholesalers, garden centers, public institutions and department stores. Our society MGF Gardens offers green areas design, realization and maintenance service. The highlevel technical skills and experience of MGF Nurseries and MGF Gardens allows to provide our customers a complete service of green areas creations.

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Vivai MGF cultivate and sells a wide variety of plants, from forest trees to ornamental plants, from garden plants (hedges, garden furniture plants, etc...) to interior plants. Our plants production is carried out in nurseries in Pistoia, following the high quality standards that the nurseries' city always offers and constantly improves. Vivai MGF head office is located near Quarrata, along with the main nursery.
In our nurseries the cultivation is carried out both on balled plants in open field and on pot plants. Pots offer forest trees earlier cultivated in open field and later placed in pots, allowing to plant them out in any period of the year and optimizing delivery time.
Vivai MGF is present both on the Italian and the international market. It exported numbers of plants to France, where now they adorn and decorate the public gardens of beautiful Tolone. Recently, thanks to the initiative of a customer and a chinese company, Vivai MGF proposed itself on the oriental market, thanks to studies and researches that made possible the survival of the plants to the times and condition of shipping to China; more than 30 days without daylight, inside a container. Vivai MGF plants are also present in Spain, Turkey, Poland, Germany, and other foreign countries
Private customers can benefit, upon reservation, of direct selling at the nursery, where they can buy and send, using our associate shipping companies, the plants they choose. Moreover, with the all-inclusive formula, Vivai MGF provides a complete services delivering and personally planting out the plants you purchase.
To provide this last service there is Giardini MGF, a gardening division of Vivai MGF group. Giardini MGF offers maintenance services, design and realization of garden, parks, and green areas; it also provides counseling on specific phytosanitary treatments to fight various plant diseases: red palm weevil, acids, red mites, yellow mites, scale insects, sooty mold. MR Giardino also offers supply and maintenance of interior plants, an offer directed to companies and societies that need to manage and take care of the plants in their offices.

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